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Dymna Sumish

The musical group "Dymna Sumish" whose concerts are quite familiar to us, was created in 1998 in Chernigov, Ukraine. The music of this group is a mixture of real rock, grunge, hardcore, punk and psychedelic music. For all comers and fans of the "Dymna Sumish" group, listen to online songs and compositions at least in order to understand what compositions you want to buy on a disc.

The psychedelic "Dymna Sumish" is a completely natural phenomenon. The guys don't use any "stimulants". They do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, do not use drugs. "Dymna Sumish" musicians Sasha Chemerov and Sergei Martynov do not even drink tea and coffee. All members of the group are vegetarians.

The first album entitled "You're alive" "Dymna Sumish" was released in the summer of 2005. It was recorded during the band's live performance. The guys decided to record the second album "Land of Illusion" (original). Dymna Sumish returned to stereo recording technology. Two hours of live performance in the studio. Four musicians. Four microphones. And a very honest sound as a result. Thus, the Beatles recorded their early albums. So "Dymna Sumish" did it. Because these musicians don't need to improve the sound after recording. They are not afraid of live performance. You must attend at least one Dymna Sumish concert to experience it for yourself.

Sasha Chemerov dreamed of recording an album in such an unusual way. Because of his passion for 60s-70s psychedelic rock. The dream came true in the Land of Illusion. Dymna sumish has already filmed music videos for two songs on this album. The first - "Land of Illusion" - was directed by the famous Ukrainian director Viktor Priduvalov. The second was made by the debutant director Alexei Golube. And this is just the beginning. The band is going to remove five songs from the new album. Thus, everyone will receive even more positive energy and maximum benefit from "Dymna Sumish". For everyone who wants to join the work of the musical group "Dymna Sumish", download your favorite compositions on the youtube site.

In 2012, the members decided to suspend the group's activities due to "major issues in Ukrainian society" (official statement in Ukrainian).

Members of the group:

- Sasha Chemerov (vocals, guitar, virovets, teremin)

- Sergey Martynov (guitar, sitar)

- Igor Gerzhina (bass)

- Oleg Fedosov (drums).

The music group "Dymna Sumish" of 2018 promised to open all their creative plans to their fans long before the release of the singles.